We cook food sous vide.

We don’t ‘process’ it. We use local meats raised ethically without the use of antibiotics or added hormones and locally grown vegetables and herbs when we can. We make our own stocks, spice blends and stuffings. Everything is cooked in small batches, by cooks! No additives or preservatives are used.

We use as little as possible!

Your meals will arrive vacuum sealed in the very pouches they were cooked in. No extra packaging! We use custom pouches specifically made for sous vide cooking that are heat stable, boilable, freezable and recyclable... but not microwavable or for oven use. They are a made of a BPA free trilaminate polyethylene film. To recycle, simply rinse the pouches and place them in your plastics bin (check your municipality's plastics recycling program). Our sous vide desserts are 'baked' in reusable and recyclable glass mason jars.

Delivered Right to Your Door

Order by Thursday for Tuesday delivery. Order by Sunday for Thursday delivery. We ship your order in specially designed insulated boxes with reusable freezer packs to ensure your food remains refrigerator cold. And we deliver to wherever is most convenient for you…home or office.