What if I’m not home to receive my food delivery?

Not to worry! Our insulated boxes will keep your products refrigerator cold for up to 48 hours. However, once you are home, they should be removed from the box and placed into your freezer, even if they have started to defrost.

Do I need a Sous Vide Immersion Heater-Circulator to heat my food?

Not at all! A pot of water large enough to hold your products and a method to heat the water is all you need...your stove works well!

Do I need a thermometer? 

A digital probe thermometer is handy to monitor the water temperature (we tell you a target water temperature), but is not essential.

How can I tell if a pouch has lost its vacuum?

Ice crystals will have formed around the product in the pouch; there might be an obvious tear in the pouch; the product is loose in the pouch

What should I do if a pouch loses its vacuum? 

Do not put it into a pot of hot water. Defrost it, remove it from the pouch and then heat it on a gentle setting in your microwave oven, or over medium-low heat in a pot/sauté pan on your stove top.

What is the shelf life on your products?  

These products have an extended shelf life as they have been cooked sous vide. This means that if stored in your freezer, and pouch integrity has been maintained (ie pouches have maintained a tight vacuum seal), they will not experience freezer burn or degrade in quality for years.

Can I heat my products in the microwave?

Our pouches are not microwave safe. They are designed to be heated in hot water only. If you choose to heat in a microwave, defrost your product first, then remove them from the pouch before heating on a gentle setting. 

Can I heat multiple products at one time?

Yes! You will need to add approximately 5-10 minutes of heating time per additional product.

About our Sous Vide pouches

  • Specifically made for sous vide cooking
  • BPA Free
  • Boilable and Freezable. Temperature Stable (No leaching of chemicals from the plastic!)
  • Recyclable
  • Not for microwave or oven use