So, what exactly is
Sous Vide Cooking?

First off, its pronounced [soo-veed]

Sous Vide Cooking is a relatively new cooking method, developed in France in the mid-1970’s.

To cut a long story short; food is vacuum-sealed in specially designed pouches, immersed in a water bath and slowly cooked at low temperatures. 

(Did we mention that the world’s top chefs use this cooking method in their kitchens?)

Because all of our products are vacuum sealed, they will never get ‘freezer burn’ while stored in your freezer. And the best heat our products directly from frozen, still sealed in their pouches, in a pot of hot water. No prep, no fuss, no mess….no cooking!

Delicious, nutritious convenience at home, office, cottage… wherever!


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Our Sous Vide Pouches

We use custom pouches specifically made for sous vide cooking that are heat stable, boilable, freezable and recyclable... but not microwavable or for oven use. They are a made of a BPA free trilaminate polyethylene film.