Jambalaya Rice
Jambalaya Rice

Jambalaya Rice

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Jambalaya is a true melting pot of flavours, influences and ingredients. Rice is combined with sweet peppers, onions, celery, tomatoes and andouille sausage and cooked in a flavourful broth accented with our own blend of Cajun spices. We have simplified this classic Cajun dish to be an accompaniment to many of our Main Event items. Fantastic served with our Cajun Blackened Chicken Breast or Cajun Bronzed Salmon Fillet.

Heating Instructions

Recommended Finishing Steps

  • When the rice is heated, remove from the water and cut open the pouch.
  • Grab both sides of the pouch and agitate the pouch to fluff up the rice grains. They have been vacuum packed and need to loosen up.
  • Spoon onto your plate.