Roasted Semi-Boneless Turkey

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Let's Talk Turkey!

We’ve taken the bulk of the prep work and a whole lot of stress out of your holiday dinner! We’ve semi-deboned and cooked the turkey. Just heat and eat!

Whew! We're exhausted and….the best part?’re not!

We separate the legs and breasts and cook them sous vide, separately at their optimal temperatures, to ensure a moist turkey every time!

You want us to do more? Add a pouch of our delicious Roasted Vegetable Medley, and a Smashed Potato to complete your meal!  You can choose between Roasted Garlic Smashed,  Sweet and Russet Blend or Portobello Smashed Potatoes

Whole turkey (feeds approximately 8-12 people)

1 12-14lb  Blue Mountain Farms Turkey, semi-deboned and sous vide cooked                                          (2 leg pouches, 2 breast pouches)

 Half turkey (feeds approximately 4-6 people)

1/2 12-14lb  Blue Mountain Farms Turkey, semi-deboned and sous vide cooked                                           (1 leg pouch, 1 breast pouch)

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